Just quoting Gartner about the importance of working with Pure player specialised firms when implementing Mobile Enterprise projects. ROItech was founded on the idea that a Jack of All trade approach to new technologies ( and probably many other professional and private concerns ) could only go as far as the Marketing and PR but would not lead to a conclusive outcome on the ground. Admittedly taking this approach is risky (for us) as it is analogical to putting all your eggs in the same basket but we think it is the price to pay for execution excellence. Here is an extract from Gartner :

“4) Adopt a mixed-sourcing approach

Organizations want to have full control over their mobile app development initiatives, however, maintaining a pure in-house development environment is difficult to achieve given mobile is a relatively new competency to many developers. It entails many complexities and specific activities, such as UX design and psychology or cellular coverage testing, which may be more efficiently handled by an outsourced third party experienced in mobile app development. Gartner believes organizations will improve their in-house mobile development skills over time, but currently only 26 percent of organizations are adopting an in-house-only development approach, while 55 percent are successfully delivering apps using mixed sourcing.”

More detailed analysis is available to Gartner clients in the report “The Enterprise App Explosion: Scaling One to 100 Mobile Apps.”