The SAP UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) is a user interface technology that is used to build and adapt client applications with a client side rendering library which has a rich set of controls.

The SAPUI5 runtime is a client-side HTML5 rendering library with a rich set of standard and extension controls and a lightweight programming model. You can extend these controls as well as developz new custom controls.

  • It supports RIA like client-side features based on JavaScript.
  • It supports CSS3, which allows you to adapt themes to your company’s branding in an effective manner.
  • It uses the open source jQuery library as a foundation
  • It fully supports SAP product standards.
  • It complies with Open Ajax and can be used together with standard JavaScript libraries.
  • It is produced in a release independent code line to enable short shipment cycles.

SAP UI5 & oData

SAPUI5 controls are optimized to exchange data using the open data OData protocol, also known as ‘The SQL of the Web’. SAP has chosen OData as the de facto standard for all SAP solutions.

SAP Netweaver Gateway

SAP Netweaver Gateway is a tool that provides a simple way to connect SAPUI5 applications to the SAP Business Suite based on oData

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