Joining forces with companies that emphasize both ease of use while providing solid security are increasingly becoming the norm in the IT landscape. Users in companies large and small, whether they are using SAP or other systems, expect nothing less. Companies and their staff know that hackers are often one step ahead of them. Security officers know that “bring your own device” policies will not just disappear. With that in mind, KeyTalk recently signed a partnership agreement with ROItech, a globally operating boutique software consultancy exclusively dedicated to SAP Fiori web and mobile app development for SAP.

ROitech recognises that with the opportunity for greater business efficiency and flexibility that SAP Fiori provides comes the need to manage and possess robust security. In order to protect against the ever-increasing range of online threats to business data and intelligence, ROItech sought and found an agile partner that could provide stronger authentication with short lived certificates and end-to-end encryption. That partner is KeyTalk.

Both ROItech and KeyTalk want to provide their customers with a strong security solution that works seamlessly and effortlessly with Fiori, whether on the desktop or mobile device. ROITech chose KeyTalk as the best of breed solution for their Fiori customers because it delivers on these mission critical requirements in a similarly seamless and effortless fashion.

Simply put, KeyTalk will provide customers the assurance they need for a complete “bullet proof” user authentication service. Customers benefit from the strength of X.509 protocol security certificates plus a device-specific hardware fingerprint to limit access further to a known PC or mobile device. KeyTalk’s patented technology can even seamlessly restrict access from specific locations; thereby providing the ultimate business protection for application access.

ROItech prides themselves on their SAP Fiori Factory model which makes the adoption of SAP Fiori for customers as delightful as the applications themselves. This model allows the customer to decide how deep a role ROItech can and should take in the full SAP Fiori app development process. KeyTalk shares ROItech’s values and have designed their solution with a similar mindset. Thanks to KeyTalk’s user management console, ROITech are able to help their customers to embrace systematic bullet proof security.

ROItech is committed to delivering top quality and feature-rich Fiori applications to their customers that are role based, adaptive, coherent, simple and delightful to use. And now they can ensure that same commitment when it comes to security for Fiori applications too. Neither our clients nor either of our companies have a compelling desire to make life easy for hackers.

Are you looking for a dedicated SAP Fiori web and mobile development provider? Take a look at the ROITech SAP Fiori page. Interested in knowing more about how you can provide strong authentication end-to-end encryption with KeyTalk’s short lived certificates? Take a look at the KeyTalk in a SAP World (white paper) and read our Securing Applications case study and other Resources.

About  ROItech
ROItech is a boutique software consultancy exclusively dedicated to SAP Fiori web and mobile app development for SAP. Founded in 2010 in Europe and India, ROITech is a multicultural and globally operating team of SAP veterans. With almost 20 years of SAP user interface technologies, ROItech has extensive experience in the broader SAP landscape.

ROItech is a certified SAP Integration Partner that delivers SAP Fiori “On Demand” to firms around the globe so they can concentrate on their core business. ROItech has developed dedicated tools, methodologies and project management solutions that guarantee quick and agile development at a competitive price. ROITech, your personalized SAP Fiori Factory. For more information, please visit:

About KeyTalk
KeyTalk is an internationally operating Dutch software company that delivers complementary IT security solutions in strong authentication and secure data-in-motion protection. Our worldwide patented technology allows us to automatically and securely distribute and install thousands of digital short lived (X.509) certificates per second to any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Internet of Things device. This results in a classic PKI-based security infrastructure but with less overhead and maintenance. For more information, please see: