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The Wonderful world of Barcodes in the land of SAP Fiori

Are you familiar with the mystical SAP Fiori Client capable of such feats as GeoLocation, Video Capture and Barcode reading ? If not and you have a true passion for Barcodes please follow on !

This demo has been implemented by ROItech using the SAP Fiori Client, which is a native mobile app provided by SAP to run Fiori applications. ( iTunes, Android App Store )

As we know the SAP Fiori applications are web applications which run on the browser of a mobile, desktop or tablet. However when using the browser we cannot use native features such as barcode scanner, camera, and geolocation.

In order to use the barcode scanner, camera, and geolocation, we can use the SAP Fiori Client App or we can build bespoke Native or Hybrid mobile applications. The problem with the later is that you end up with “x” amount of applications that require specific support and maintenance as well as extra bespoke development. In order to avoid this we recommend using … the standards ! Such as the SAP Fiori Client.

So here is how you can see it for yourself : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bar-code-scanning-using-sap-fiori-client-thierry-logiest?trk=mp-author-card

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